Seriál metal production

Production for companies active in chains of supermarkets equipping

Pressing small parts for car and food industries

Used technologies:

Cutting, edging, MIG, MAG,TIG welding, tube bending, CNC materiál separating, punching, drilling, iron sheet rolling,  pneumatic point welding, wire starightening, iron sheet cutting out, cutting using our own 6 kW Laser Durma

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KOVOZÁMEČNITVÍ Jaroslav  Zdražil

5. května 276, Trhová Kamenice 539 52

+420 602 121 310


Jaroslav Zdražil
+420 602 121 310

Head of Production
Jaroslav Zdražil ml.
+420 722 085 110

Shop manager
David zdražil
+420 774 608 007

Miroslava Zdražilová
+420 602 890 663

About us

We specialize in locksmith serial production to order and special locksmith work. We have been operating on the market for more than 20 years. We respond quickly to client requirements and try to keep up with modern technologies. We can handle demands throughout Europe.